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By Faith Jewelry ~ With Heartfelt Gratitude ~

Exodus 31:3-4

I have so much to be grateful for! YOU, my clients and supporters of my handcrafted creations, are a blessing to this endeavor called By Faith Jewelry! Thank you for reaching out to me and purchasing gifts for your loved ones (and yourself!). YOU made this one of the most amazing years that By Faith Jewelry has ever had.

I enjoy making jewelry so much. It gives me the opportunity to express my creative side in a very special way, with tiny gemstones, pearls, wires and leathers. Every piece is designed with an eye toward simple beauty, artistic whimsy or pure elegance. And although I have said it many times, I think I should again say that God is the ultimate creator and He makes all these beautiful stones and pearls and I just get to play with them! Several years ago I was given a verse during a quiet time at a conference. It was the verse from Exodus 31 above. This verse has sustained me through the busy times and through the quiet times. I am learning to enjoy all the different seasons, busy and quiet.

With the unanticipated course that 2020 has taken, I am also learning to enjoy unexpected delightful surprises! The Sip & Shop event at Stony Point Fashion Park was an unexpected surprise at the end of a cancelled year. A very unexpected call from a client who wanted to give my jewelry as gifts was so delightful! I have also been privileged to discover new clients and kindred spirits who appreciate handcrafted jewelry! And those returning clients who have supported me for the past 11 years are always dear to my heart. Thank you all for wearing my little gemstone creations of love! The unexpected gift of time gave me the opportunity to explore something fancifully new with the magical bubble blowing wands that I have had so much fun making! And one more surprise: I pray before every sale and show that I would be allowed to share the love of Jesus with everyone I meet and unexpectedly, this year, I think this sharing happened more times that I would have thought possible! Praise God!

See you on Instagram and Facebook next year ~ please share & like & tag #byfaithjewelry ~ Merry Christmas with love from By Faith Jewelry and may God bless you and yours!

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