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By Faith Jewelry “Stepping out”

By Faith Jewelry had an interesting year in 2022. New styles of jewelry, new clients, new locations and some ups and some downs with craft shows. OH, I almost forgot…and a new truck!! As always, I am so grateful for all the lovely people who support my creative efforts and who enjoy wearing By Faith Jewelry. Those amazing returning clients and the new and interesting people and businesses I have had the opportunity to connect with over the past year bless me beyond measure. Thank you so much. I look forward to what 2023 will bring! I am praying for more blessings and what God has in store for my little business.

The news:

By Faith Jewelry is now in 4 retail locations! The Farmstand in Bumpass, VA, Williamsburg Bazaar Too in Williamsburg, VA, Jolene Family Winery in Quinton, VA, and The Bookstore at Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, VA. Stepping out was the goal. And I would call it a successful start! The small businesses that I am partnering with have been so supportive and gracious and I thank them heartily.

Here’s that NEW Truck!

It’s such a great convenience when I pack up and unload for a show, saving me an hour every show. Every minute counts on those hectic show days. I am feeling so up-to date since I now have a QR code to get you to my Instagram easily!

Last, but certainly not least…NEW JEWELRY

I am always creating new and unique By Faith Jewelry pieces to compliment your own inimitable beauty. I say that God creates the gemstones and I get to play with them! This year I extended my collection called ‘The One’. It is a collection of necklaces that feature a single gemstone or pearl on a silk cord with a sterling silver clasp. This perfect one goes with everything: jeans, workout gear, an evening out or a day at work.

I have also added Morse Code Bracelets to the mix. I have a selection of words available and can do custom words as well. These have been so well received and I am looking forward to adding more in the future. These bracelets are fun, affordable and can have your own secret word! (custom bracelets: only short words & do I need to say it? no vulgarity)

For those coffee lovers in search of a caffeine jolt, By Faith Jewelry has sterling silver caffeine charms dangling from your favorite beverages interpreted in gemstones!

And of course, those pearls, gemstones and charms that make By Faith Jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelets your favorite jewelry to wear!

So that’s the update, news and highlights of what’s up with By Faith Jewelry. May God bless you in this new year. And if you get a chance, please give me a shoutout on Instagram, Facebook or the old fashioned email!

Thank you!


By Faith Jewelry: Then & Now

Then & Now

If you know me, you know that my name is Teresa, and I am the artist behind By Faith Jewelry and that I am so very blessed and privileged to create beautiful jewelry with the myriad of gems, pearls, rocks and precious metals that God has put on this planet.

What you may not know is that I have always been a maker. From my earliest memories I was crafting bread dough sculptures, plastic beaded necklaces, noodle art, collages, wall hangings, pin cushions, stuffed animals, clothes, shoes, hats, gifts and, well you get the idea! I never met a craft that I didn’t want to try to put my own spin on!

I came across this old photo the other day and realized that I am still that girl! The geeky girl you see is in her Happy Place on Christmas morning…hair still in curlers, her new stewardess hat and wings on, next to the spray painted, noodle covered Christmas tree, drawing on her new tracing light box.

The second picture is today, all grown up, still in my Happy Place, still creating, perhaps a bit less geeky?

Anyway, I thank God for then and now. And I look forward to the future He has for me and for By Faith Jewelry!

Shows & Festivals

Powhatan Festival of the Grape! It’s back! October 2, 2021

The annual Powhatan Festival of the Grape is this Saturday October 2nd!! By Faith Jewelry will be there with our beautiful selection of wire wrapped gemstone necklaces, earrings, aromatherapy jewelry and our newest addtion: morse code affirmation bracelets! Please join us for a fun filled day, and stop in to say hi. (and shop, shop, shop 😉)

By Faith Jewelry’s latest creations!

Shows & Festivals

By Faith Jewelry at A Taste of New Kent

On October 16, 2021 the annual A Taste of New Kent is happening once again.

By Faith Jewelry is so excited to participate in the festivities! Please stop by and say hi!

Tickets are available at:

Shows & Festivals

By Faith Jewelry Show April 24, 2021

By Faith Jewelry is so excited about our first show of 2021!!
So many new one of a kind pieces of jewelry to tempt and try!
Come out and see all the wonderful craftsmen and artists who are showcasing their best work! Shop for that perfect spring necklace or earrings. And don’t forget Mom! Her special day is just around the corner!
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By Faith Jewelry ~ With Heartfelt Gratitude ~

Exodus 31:3-4

I have so much to be grateful for! YOU, my clients and supporters of my handcrafted creations, are a blessing to this endeavor called By Faith Jewelry! Thank you for reaching out to me and purchasing gifts for your loved ones (and yourself!). YOU made this one of the most amazing years that By Faith Jewelry has ever had.

I enjoy making jewelry so much. It gives me the opportunity to express my creative side in a very special way, with tiny gemstones, pearls, wires and leathers. Every piece is designed with an eye toward simple beauty, artistic whimsy or pure elegance. And although I have said it many times, I think I should again say that God is the ultimate creator and He makes all these beautiful stones and pearls and I just get to play with them! Several years ago I was given a verse during a quiet time at a conference. It was the verse from Exodus 31 above. This verse has sustained me through the busy times and through the quiet times. I am learning to enjoy all the different seasons, busy and quiet.

With the unanticipated course that 2020 has taken, I am also learning to enjoy unexpected delightful surprises! The Sip & Shop event at Stony Point Fashion Park was an unexpected surprise at the end of a cancelled year. A very unexpected call from a client who wanted to give my jewelry as gifts was so delightful! I have also been privileged to discover new clients and kindred spirits who appreciate handcrafted jewelry! And those returning clients who have supported me for the past 11 years are always dear to my heart. Thank you all for wearing my little gemstone creations of love! The unexpected gift of time gave me the opportunity to explore something fancifully new with the magical bubble blowing wands that I have had so much fun making! And one more surprise: I pray before every sale and show that I would be allowed to share the love of Jesus with everyone I meet and unexpectedly, this year, I think this sharing happened more times that I would have thought possible! Praise God!

See you on Instagram and Facebook next year ~ please share & like & tag #byfaithjewelry ~ Merry Christmas with love from By Faith Jewelry and may God bless you and yours!

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By Faith Jewelry ~ Busy at the workbench

I’ve been busy at my workbench the past couple of weeks. Of course you’ve seen my new Magical Bubble Wands. But don’t think that I have strayed far from my roots! Jewelry will always be my main thing. Here’s a few new creations:

Pastel gemstones accent these perfect sterling silver open circle earrings $35
Herkimer diamond slice pendant topped with multi colored micro-faceted tiny gemstone rounds float on a sterling silver 18 inch chain. $75
On the rocks crystal ice earrings. Layered with violet and green gemstones. Sparkling sterling silver earwires. Over 3 inches of cool glamor $35 (And I have a matching necklace…just sayin’!)

And…I hope to have some news very soon about a ‘live and in person’ Holiday Market! Praying it will happen. I will keep you posted. 🦋

Bubble Wands

By Faith Jewelry ~ Fireworks and Bubbles

I adore fireworks.  The burst of sound as they shoot into the night sky, the poof as they expand into giant glittering confections and the sizzle as they disappear into blackness.  They always make me smile and shiver with delight.  Fireworks have a passing, glowing, sort of noisy glory.   On the other hand, I also adore bubbles.  I remember doing the dishes as a kid, holding the Palmolive bottle just right and then giving it a little squeeze just to experience the teeny tiny bubbles that would escape!  Bubbles are ephemeral, luminescent, fragile and as temporary as fireworks, but all their bubbly glory is experienced in floating silence.  Well…except for the giggles that you can’t hold back as you gently wave your bubble wand, releasing a bubble into the atmosphere! Delightful, right?  

Introducing the Magical Bubble Wand!  Each one is lovingly handcrafted, beaded and shaped to be as eye-catching as bubbles. My one-of-a-kind designs that are perfect for shower favors, wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, after wedding celebrations, children’s parties, school spirit, birthday wishes and every day indulgences. Send me a message for a custom order.  Handmade in U.S.A.  $18

Earrings, Necklaces, Shows & Festivals

By Faith Jewelry September 2020 ~ Walking by faith ~

As the season for craft shows and holiday shopping approaches, I find myself looking at my By Faith Jewelry business and thinking that I took all those ‘live, in person’ shows for granted over the past few years. I am very selective about the venues that I choose to attend and I don’t work on Sundays, holding that day for the Lord. I really miss seeing you all and hearing your reactions to my creations! As a result, I have all this beautiful jewelry stored in protective boxes waiting to see the light of day and find a home! There just might be a pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace that is calling your name! So, come on, reach out…I am here for you!

All that being said, I have decided to continue to trust that my God will guide me and I will continue to walk by faith. Several loyal customers have contacted me and have shown interest in shopping for this coming season. I am so happy to hear from you and will be happy to work out a way to show you the special pieces you want to give as gifts or add to your collection.

In addition, I have found that it is easy for me to post on Instagram, it’s quick and simple for me. And you can always reach me there or on Facebook.

Lastly, I have been playing around and have added a few fun new additions!!

Here’s a hint: #byfaithjewelrybubbles on Instagram!

Shows & Festivals

By Faith Jewelry Christmas on MacArthur


The 15th year for this delightful family event, Christmas on MacArthur,  is Saturday, December 14th from 11 a.m. to 3. Many local craftsmen, bakers, music and….a parade! By Faith Jewelry always loves to be there helping you find the perfect gift! Please stop by to try on our beautiful jewelry.

In the 4000 Block of MacArthur Avenue, at Bellevue and MacArthur avenues. Free admission. Marine Corps Toys for Tots donations are accepted.

15th Annual Christmas On MacArthur To Benefit Toys For Tots