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By Faith Jewelry “Stepping out”

By Faith Jewelry had an interesting year in 2022. New styles of jewelry, new clients, new locations and some ups and some downs with craft shows. OH, I almost forgot…and a new truck!! As always, I am so grateful for all the lovely people who support my creative efforts and who enjoy wearing By Faith Jewelry. Those amazing returning clients and the new and interesting people and businesses I have had the opportunity to connect with over the past year bless me beyond measure. Thank you so much. I look forward to what 2023 will bring! I am praying for more blessings and what God has in store for my little business.

The news:

By Faith Jewelry is now in 4 retail locations! The Farmstand in Bumpass, VA, Williamsburg Bazaar Too in Williamsburg, VA, Jolene Family Winery in Quinton, VA, and The Bookstore at Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, VA. Stepping out was the goal. And I would call it a successful start! The small businesses that I am partnering with have been so supportive and gracious and I thank them heartily.

Here’s that NEW Truck!

It’s such a great convenience when I pack up and unload for a show, saving me an hour every show. Every minute counts on those hectic show days. I am feeling so up-to date since I now have a QR code to get you to my Instagram easily!

Last, but certainly not least…NEW JEWELRY

I am always creating new and unique By Faith Jewelry pieces to compliment your own inimitable beauty. I say that God creates the gemstones and I get to play with them! This year I extended my collection called ‘The One’. It is a collection of necklaces that feature a single gemstone or pearl on a silk cord with a sterling silver clasp. This perfect one goes with everything: jeans, workout gear, an evening out or a day at work.

I have also added Morse Code Bracelets to the mix. I have a selection of words available and can do custom words as well. These have been so well received and I am looking forward to adding more in the future. These bracelets are fun, affordable and can have your own secret word! (custom bracelets: only short words & do I need to say it? no vulgarity)

For those coffee lovers in search of a caffeine jolt, By Faith Jewelry has sterling silver caffeine charms dangling from your favorite beverages interpreted in gemstones!

And of course, those pearls, gemstones and charms that make By Faith Jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelets your favorite jewelry to wear!

So that’s the update, news and highlights of what’s up with By Faith Jewelry. May God bless you in this new year. And if you get a chance, please give me a shoutout on Instagram, Facebook or the old fashioned email!

Thank you!

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